Monday, October 10, 2011

who are you? and what have you done to wendy?

many of you know and have expressed concern for the fat kitty. if you don't know, or don't care about the fattness or the kittyness of my kitty, then i suggest you stop reading. because we're about to get all fat kitty in da hizz-ouse yo. oh god, i think i just puked a little in my mouth after typing that. next thing i know i'll be wearing ugg boots with a micro-mini denim skirt.

i digress.

kitty + fat = wendy

well, on friday of last week she was taken to the cargo place by my dear ex-roommate mark. he's a sucker for animals and he totally would have kept her if i had asked, but instead he took a half day of work in order to drive her to the location where she would be sent as cargo to london. after an ordeal with the cargo people saying the fattness needed a bigger kennel (really?! bigger? is her fat gonna expand in the air like a bag of lay's potato chips?) she was sent happily (yea right, more like pitifully) on her way to the UK.

English and i started our journey to pick her up with a quick stop at mac-oh-doh-nar-dohs. which is japanese for macdonalds according to my friend and fellow half slantyeye, jax. so we get on the way down to london anticipating the suggested 5 hour wait time to pick up the critter, hence we started our trip after we knew she had landed, thus giving us 3 hours to arrive and hopefully only maybe an hour or two wait at the animal quarantine place. just to be sure, we give the peeps a jingle. "she's ready now". what? what about the suggested 5 hour wait time on your flipping website? *shakes fist*

fast forward 3 hours and we are sitting waiting for the kitty at the quarantine. we wait about a half hour before they bring out a scared caged shadow hunkered down in the back of the kennel. we get back into our car (the beast if you will, given it's huge size compared to the regular cars out here. yes hunny. i said it's huge. *rolls eyes* men.) we get into the car. release the creature. and she mews a few times before settling into my lap where she remained for the 3 hour car ride.

this, is the first thing we noticed as being "odd".

when we got home she skulked around for a bit before deciding that my lap was where she wanted to be. it seemed my lap was the only place she wants to be lately. this of course being the second thing we have labeled as "odd".

when either of us is home or sitting on a couch, she needs to be glommed onto us. odd? yes. very much so.

she has become the kitty we always wanted. a proper kitty. affectionate and cuddly. and constantly purring.

of course this means they either switched kitties on the plane or my cat has become inhabited by an evil space alien and it's only lulling us into a false sense of security before it tears us limb from limb in a slow and agonizing death.

but you know. she's cute. so it's all good.

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