Monday, October 10, 2011

news alert: lady time causes local girl to be all biatchy

sooooo... some of you may not want to hear about lady times. so i would suggest you people either stuff cotton in your ears (or maybe not) or go here if you're a girl or go here if you're a man.

so yea. lady times. now some of you folks may know that as per most things associated with me. the lady times are not so normal. they aren't regulated. they just kinda show up like the crazy aunt dora who brings a chicken and lime jello mold to every family event, you know, everyone has fingers crossed she doesn't show, yet inevitably she does. and it's never on the right date or time. or it's during a formal event and she shows up in a tie dye mu-mu and fake tan. or worse. you're just walking along minding your own bizznes and hey, there she is. all crazy and manic.


so that's me and my lady times. i don't like it. it doesn't like me. we have an agreement where i get a few days warning. headaches. random cramping. then a few days of happy solitude. when BAM. hi *shuffling feet* how are you aunt dora? and then we go back to our own little worlds for anywhere from a month to three.

i kinda just live with this little niggle. where i know it should happen. but it's so far between each visit that i can't really begin to count days. and it's not like i'm a regular girl. in all sense of the word. it's lame. stupid lady times.

i guess the only thing that is normal about it is that i get really emotional. like. even more than usual. which. you know. is already a lot. so dump more hormones on the mix and i'm a wreck.

oh joy of joys. the remainder of my goodbyes to boston are gonna be all crazy aunt dora aren't they?


2 more days. i'm sure you're totally looking forward to me being mopey huh hun?!

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