Monday, October 3, 2011

bus rides and shopping bags

public transportation is the main reason i moved back here. the second being of course, that it's where of all places, my heart feels at home. even in the uk. i still love it here best. but all things considered. i'd still rather be back in england.

but the bus system. the subways. the commuter rail. everything is close. easy to use. full of fantastically strange people. often times you can hear a busker playing. or singing. my recent favorite was a harmonica player on the red/silver line. the metallic twang was weaving past the posts and beams until it was twisted all the way around each and every one of us. waiting for a train. half not wanting to wait for the train.

sometimes the buses can be crowded. or eerily empty. they can show up late. they can show up one block early, leaving you out of breath and cursing into the exhaust. sometimes (and this is the worst) they just don't stop. they don't see you. or you don't walk to the curb fast enough. and efficiently presuming you're waiting for a different bus, they just keep on motoring.

even with that inconvenience. the next bus is only 10 minutes away. of course... that's if it's a weekday. and if it's a busy route.

regardless. it's easy to get around. you've got legs? great. you can manage. you don't got legs? well, no worries. the buses lower. the drivers help. and as evidenced today by myself and a nice young man. other riders are always happy to lend a helping hand. or shoulder as in the lad's case.

a sweet little woman was having trouble getting out of the bus i was waiting for. between us was the curb and a small river of rainwater. i took her hand. she hesitated. so i took a firmer stance and was about to help her more. she let go. i was worried. but then i noticed the fresh faced college kid. he wrapped his arm around her portly aged waist. and gave her a shoulder to lean on. the little old woman wandered cheerfully to her destination. he and i exchanged smiles. good samaritanly smiles. as he continued on his pedestrian commute.

the bus pottered up the road. carrying me. my groceries. and my good deed for the day.

all nestled happily. albeit a tad rained on.

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