Thursday, February 10, 2011

at long last...


not the visa. better!


though now that i've uploaded all these i realize i should have held out. you know. rationed the awesome.

ah well. i'm impatient as i'm sure many of you are.

soupy goodness which happened last month. alas my camera ran out of batteries before i could capture a photo of the whole chicken sticking out of the soup pot which was far too snug for my tiny chicken...

soy sauce, chicken, and daikon make tasty broth.

mmmm... chicken bits, diakon, bok choy, scallions, preserved turnip, and ramen. makes my tummy warm just thinking about it.

my new bedmate. he's small but takes up a lot of space. plus he snores. he also yips in his sleep.

does this constitute animal cruelty? i mean. look at him. he's adorable! he also refused to move once he was forced into this outfit. something you should realize is that these overalls have the peanuts gang embroidered on them and were hand made in japan. spoiled dog.

this is a very sharp kitty. not sharp in the "why look that kitty is working on quantum mechanics" sort of way. more of the "and these ginsu knives will still slice a tomato after carving up all these concrete slabs" sort of way. but he did manage to warm my heart a little. if only because of all the blood letting.

oh and you can help me decide on which "look" to use for my upcoming passport photo shoot...

here i am looking to the right.

now i'm looking to the left... i'm like a real life zoolander!

ooh or how about leaning all graceful-like against a banister?

or here... where i appear to be checking out my own assets. yeeeup... still there. which i guess is good?

man, do i ever love those pearls AND that blue ribbon...

and now. avert your gaze. this one is only for hubby.


you guys looked didn't you.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

when is it not enough?

books. movies. stories. songs. myths. history...

they all say love conquers all.

but when is love not enough?

when you both feel it. when you both love. but there is distance.

and the string that held you two together is stretched. far. over an ocean. over months.

and then. it isn't enough. those familiar feelings. they grow faint. until all that is left is a little niggling in the pit of your stomach. a small squirming semblance of what was.

it just causes you to feel upset that things aren't the same. to worry about the other love. the love that is still strong. but it isn't yours. it's the one you are no longer tethered to.

then what?

do you pull the string taut. tighter still? until it snaps like a rubber band.

or do you gently hold the string. and pull yourself closer? in tiny steps. allowing the string to contract. to grow stronger. shorter. until you are again side by side?

when is love enough? to truly conquer man?

Monday, February 7, 2011

she works hard for her money

so hard for it hunny.


wait. that sounds dirty.

i got a job. granted it's only a temp job for 3 weeks. but still. i can earn money. and then. oh and then the things i can buy!

first thing on my list is a wii.

i know. i'm such a gamer girl.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


fuck it.

it could just be the red wine talking. or the oppressive depression. but really.

fuck it.

since i got married i've gained like 20 to 30 pounds.

since i got married i've got about 3 extra grey hairs.

since i got married i've been happier than i've ever been.

since i got married... i've cried more than i've ever cried.

it's not really fair. in comparison.

it isn't.

i tried sleeping just now. but i can't. i'm still too pissed off about the whole thing. i have too much going on in my head.

i think i'll curl up on a couch.


so as not to wake anyone with my crying.