Wednesday, February 9, 2011

when is it not enough?

books. movies. stories. songs. myths. history...

they all say love conquers all.

but when is love not enough?

when you both feel it. when you both love. but there is distance.

and the string that held you two together is stretched. far. over an ocean. over months.

and then. it isn't enough. those familiar feelings. they grow faint. until all that is left is a little niggling in the pit of your stomach. a small squirming semblance of what was.

it just causes you to feel upset that things aren't the same. to worry about the other love. the love that is still strong. but it isn't yours. it's the one you are no longer tethered to.

then what?

do you pull the string taut. tighter still? until it snaps like a rubber band.

or do you gently hold the string. and pull yourself closer? in tiny steps. allowing the string to contract. to grow stronger. shorter. until you are again side by side?

when is love enough? to truly conquer man?

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