Monday, October 10, 2011


so for the past 2 weeks i've been in the good old U S of A. it's weird to come "home" and visit. to realize that, hey, i don't really live here anymore. i find myself smiling at all my old haunts. i let my fingertips linger on old memories. i look past the skyline into where i was before.

it's strange. being back here. as the plane made it's final descent into boston i noticed the color. or the lack of. as if that extra u in britain turned the colours up a few clicks. as if that pronounciation gave extra light and life to the landscape.

but this place. this place is still a part of me. it's visiting an old friend. it's putting on a favorite pair of jeans. it's worn and comfortable. it has a familar sound. a smell that brings you back.

it's nice to be stateside every once in a while.

but it's better still to go home.

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