Wednesday, October 5, 2011

dietary snacking...

so today i forgot to eat. breakfast. lunch. meh. i got home and was feeling a bit. odd. tired. and a bit lightheaded. and the world would not stop spinning.

i made myself a nice microwave baked potato. and given the lack of calories today i figured. what the hell. i'll use REAL cheese. not my normal fat free kind. oh and i heated up a big bowl of fat free turkey chili.

i feel much better now.

but something was missing. a dessert.

i convinced the roommate to go to the corner store. he purchased some dorritos and a medley of cadbury eggs. for my dessert? i passed up the nilla wafers. i ignored the oreos. i got myself a bignormous box of graham crackers.

graham crackers?! THAT was my dessert of choice? i could have had any number of higher caloric goodies.

but man. you can't tell me that graham crackers and cold milk isn't a delish dessert.


so my dessert is all of 250 calories. yay for diets.

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