Tuesday, May 1, 2012

ahem? ...

first off, missy, vegemite is more an australian thing. marmite is british.

secondly, moving blows. and not the good-salty-sea-air-in-your-face type of blow. more the bad-salty-donkey-balls-in-your-face type of blow. we had hoped to be out of this apartment and in our new one on saturday. but the van rental places were conspiring against our move.

dear sweet hubby booked a van with a company on friday, got the confirmation number, then on saturday was told that no, no we don't actually have that confirm number nor do we have any vans. okay. fine. there are loads of rental places in manchester. call... ring. ring. sorry, no vans till monday. okay, next one... ring... ring... yea, we had vans, but they have all been sent away to evacuate some people in the areas of flooding. sigh.

finally we find a place. take a 5 quid taxi ride. get there. ask for our van. and the dude at the counter says, sure, i just need a visa/debit card, oh but we're so behind the times that those are the only type of card we take, even though the rest of the uk accepts maestro, we can't, because we suck donkey balls, the really big sweaty kind.

then we get to walk for about 20 to 30 minutes back home (swinging by another rental place which has a van in the parking lot... but says they don't have any vans available). oh, did i mention that because we live in manchester, it's been raining. a lot.

so we get a small rental car. load as much into it as we can. drive down to warwick, in the rain, of course. pick up our keys to the new place. and finally get into our new apartment. that was all on saturday.

yesterday we drove back up to manchester and booked another van online for monday. then we just waited. hubby dearest unpacked the tv so we wouldn't be bored. i cleaned the house as much as possible. we had originally planned to take all our belongings down to warwick on saturday, then drive back up to manx so we could clean the place unhindered by boxes and the wendy kitten. alas. i was forced to clean around the fat kitty.

finally, we come to today. rain. big surprise there. but all the boxes have been relegated to the downstairs bathroom. all the bits and bobs have been packed away. the upstairs is now sparkling. the bedrooms are clean and hoovered. beds are made. everything is dusted. the only areas left for the deep clean are the hallway and bathroom which are both jam packed with boxes.

and now, as we speak my darling husband is off dropping off the wee little rental car, collecting the van, and redirecting our mail at the postoffice. when he comes back, the shuffle of boxes from the 6th floor down to ground level will commence.

so. dear inquisitive insider... our move is still going on. i'll let you know when it's over. although, once we are down in warwick, we won't have broadband for a few weeks. we'll have. gasp. dial up. it'll be like the dark ages. sigh.

wish us luck.

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