Monday, May 7, 2012


i realize that i am a visitor in this strange place. i am marked as a foreigner as soon as i part my lips to speak. even before then. my gait and demeanor are just off of normal. yet, there are certain things that even i understand.

i know that trash equals rubbish. i know the bin is really the trash can. so imagine my surprise when i saw a trash car.

not a garbage truck. not a refuse removal van. no. a car. used like a bin.

a literal trash car.

the entire little two door was full to bursting with computer parts, wires, soda cans, bags, dirt, everything. it was really a trash can. er... trash car.

i wish i had a picture. or better still a movie. so you could all enjoy the vision that is the man shoveling junk from the ground into this sad little car.

i wonder how it works. does a larger garbage truck come by and scoop the little vehicle into it's crushing maw? or is it all wrapped up in a giant hefty sack?

curious land i'm living in.

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