Wednesday, May 2, 2012

joy is...

finding a new video game that makes you happy.

plus it keeps me quiet while my hunny is playing on his computerlator. which is a win win because i have a tendency to try and converse with him while he is playing his game.

a game which he apparently needs to "focus" on. so when i yammer, he kinda snaps at me.

which makes me sad.

then i go "in a mood".

then i sulk.

then he goes into a mood.

then i sulk more.

then we go out to do chores... in moods.

then we thaw out. and buy a video game for me.

and then all is right in the world.

not that the above would ever happen in real life.


anyway. the game is called okami. every time we go to ye olde game shoppe i see this game box. it's got a pretty white wolf on the front. it's all animated in a style reminiscent of a japanese brush painting. in fact, your special skills to finish the game are done with a brush. it's pretty. i like it. and while there is some fighting involved it's not too gory or in depth.

so i'm happy.

he's happy.

we're happy.

oh, i also got another spyro game. wheee!

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