Sunday, April 8, 2012

visiting and running for the train...

so i did a lot of running this weekend.

running down the hill to the bus stop so as not to miss the hourly bus.
running up the escalators to purchase my train tickets so as not to miss the two hourly train.
running from the car to the platform to jump on a slow moving train as i nearly missed it due to a slow moving car in front of her as she drove me to the station.
running from the subway to the bus stop only to realize the bus stopped running at that time.
running to the subway to catch the next train.
running from the train station to the street level bus stop in hopes of catching the next half hourly bus.

it's been a lot of rushing.

and in between the rushing there was much laughing, eating, baking, drinking, and celebrating.

'twas a good weekend.

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