Wednesday, April 4, 2012

starshine and caffeine

nightime. though i am much like a tree. spreading my limbs to catch the sun. warming my veins and coming into full bloom. i often feel the need to sit in the near silence of night.

the cool air lifting the tendrils of black hair. the inky night sky blending into the irrevocable asianess of my body.

i stand. a cup of hot tea replacing the heat of sunshine. with the soft glow of city lights in place of uv light.

if only for a moment.

i count the stars. i sigh at the familiar pattern of dark hills. the curves mimic the outline of my own frame.

as much as i run from this place. this land of cars and smog.

i can't outrun my history. my heritage. my home.

a latenight caffeine fix. and a few moments of nightime solitude.

before the sun rises.

and my trembling leaves unfurl once again.

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