Saturday, April 7, 2012


there are days when i open my eyes to the clean light filtering in past rented curtains. and i sigh in contented happiness. i stretch my limbs in feline grace. closing my eyes i wrap my hands around my heart. warming my fingers around the glossy shape as though sipping from a hot mug. i let the heat of ,my imagination circulate and ignite the nerves from my toes to my fingertips.

here on this cloud of flannel and down. curled into a ball. i am the queen of my dreams. i grow wings in an instant. i sing magic. i see past the images of our daily selves. in this moment of mostly awake and near sleep. i control the things which i can not contain. i harness the fear and anxiety. that which would make me weep can only make me laugh.

there are days when i open my eyes. only they never really open.

i am in a never ending day dream.

there is a soundtrack which follows me. the worms in the grass swim beneath my steps. the birds speak to the trees to announce my entrance. there is a stage of soft green growth and the daffodils show my mark.

i have a script to read. it is ever changing. i get distracted and forget the lines i was never meant to say. i can not remember which play it is. which scene i am in. where i am.

there are days when i open my eyes.

and there are days when i see without them.

there are days when i never need them.

i am blindly content.

i am naive and happy.

i am dreaming while awake.

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