Thursday, March 8, 2012

moving sale

the following items are up for grabs (or for a modest donation [oh please pick a modest donation, pleeeeez])...

i have some other stuff too... small items. which i won't list because who knows exactly what i might end up taking with me. i know some folks have called dibs on the big green thing. so whomever i deem most worthy will receive it (as in whoever says for sure they want it and will remove it and promises to do so in a timely manner... or whoever gives me the most candy. whichever.)

~me (poor poor poor me in need of money)... *puppy eyes*

the big green thing (rip my heart out if you must, but i can't very well take it with me)

4 drawer dresser (happy goldfish included)

beautiful pink flower bookshelf (i am loathe to see it go, but if it's to a good home i'll be mostly contented... mostly)

chessboard coffee table (it's also a blackboard but after i tested it out i didn't like the feel of chalky nasty under my wrists when i used it as a coffee table, it was conceptually awesome but failed the non-ick touch test)

tv (yes, karen the one i took from you and that jason was cool enough to lug down the stairs)
entertainment thingy that the tv goes on (i know, i'm very descriptive)

the matching ugly chairs (which after my makeover are quite lovely if i do say so myself)

3 shelved bookshelf (which always reminds me of the T)

one bed warmer... oh wait, no, that's gonna be put to use in cold cold england.

i am going to miss all my beautiful colo(u)rful furniture. *sigh*

oh and if it's a selling point, i handpainted all this crap. take that martha!

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