Saturday, March 3, 2012

cuppin cakes

just for her and her obsession with the cuppin cakes...

at my holiday party... no wait, it's called a seasonal gathering. anyway. at the holiday party last night i stumbled into the haven of all havens. the dessert center.

calling to me like three giant breasts were three giant cupcakes. huge. gloriously frosted in pink, yellow, and blue. one was all spikey. one was all stubbly with frosting bumps. and the last... actually, i can't remember what it looked like. but it was blue. this... this was the cupcake station. a table devoted only to the cuppin cakes. with plates full of frosted and unfrosted cakes. bowls of toppings. and two mushroom capped chef-ets.

you could chose a premade cuppin cake. or pick out a plain one. at which point the cheffets would squeeze any colo(u)r of frosting onto it... and you could drown it in any type of candy topping you wanted. the sheer joy and utter brillance of this concept made me want to kiss both of the fresh faced little cheffets and demand they take me to their leader.

now if only the cuppin cake hadn't been made incorrectly...


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