Sunday, March 11, 2012

interviews and id checks

this week so far has been quiet. though there were a few random bumps.

on sunday after some late night emailing with the former adorable coworker we planned to meet up for food of some description on monday. i arrived well enough despite my lingering sniffles and the lingering chill of winter. after much deliberation we decided on food. a short amiable walk and we were there. we ordered some nibbles and a beer (non-alcoholic for him, oatmeal stout for me). the waitress who i must point out is probably only just legal to sell alcohol was new and fresh faced. she shyly asked for my id. doing the normal "i'm sure you're old enough but it's the law" act. i smile and hand her my drivers lisence.

now, for those of you who don't know, i just turned thirty. or as i like to call it. twenty nine and a bit. so to be carded is always adorable.

the sweet little waitress then exclaims, upon reading my date of birth and doing some quick math in her young brain... "oh wow! i mean. wow! i thought you were maybe 22 or 23... not... wow." and she hands back my id. so apparently i still look waaaaaaay younger than i feel.

which is sometimes weird when it comes to getting a job. i had an interview today. i'm sure i was way older than the receptionst at the front desk. i reckon i'm closer to the recruiters age than the receptionists in fact. so i always wonder if they think i'm young and just out of school. then they take a look at my resume. and see the amount of time spent at each job. three years here. 2 years there. another three here.

i wonder if they take me seriously. especially given how i dress and do my hair and makeup now. don't get any weird ideas. i just happen to have an ecclectic style that may span a couple of eras. i think it suits me. so shut up.

i guess the main thing is. it's funny how sometimes i look waaaay younger than i should. and yet, i suppose i shouldn't complain about it.

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