Saturday, December 3, 2011

the trials of temping...

temping in an office consisting of four... FOUR people. one of which had a corner of his office full of packing supplies and feathers. like a creepy little nest. which he actually napped in. and after i was told to clean it up (while he was gone) he came back... looked for his "things"... then went and collected one of the newly packed bags of styrofoam peanuts to use as a pillow. weird.

but i've organized. i've sorted. i've smooshed boxes. and i have even vacuumed. it's nice and clean now.

oh and there is free coffee, pizza, and many delish snacks to be had. poo for diets.

but i'm allowing myself this bag of fritos. because the office is on the second floor. and i've had to drag many boxes down to the dumpster... which involved climbing back up those stairs. about ten times today.

so yeah. screw you calories!

mmmm... nom nom nom.

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