Tuesday, December 6, 2011

it's official...

i have turned into my mother. not my mom now. but my mom from when i was a kid.

i just spent the last hour doing my hair and makeup. for why? i wasn't even sure if i'd have a job today. so why get all dolled up like i did?

just in case.

that's one of those things my mom always said when i asked her why she puts on make up and does her hair when we're only going to the supermarket.

just in case.

was her usual response. in case we see someone we know. or in case we see someone we don't know.

it's as if she was telling me you never want to venture out of doors completely naked. you have to always put something on. you have to make the effort.

so i find myself. fully dressed. hair dried and curled tantalizingly at the ends. makeup done to my normal standard which takes about ten painstaking minutes. then i check myself in a mirror. about a dozen times.

i'd say that's plenty of effort in order to sit on my duff all day and watch tv.

i might make a trip to the grocery store. just to make it worth while.

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