Thursday, November 10, 2011

tough week...

i've had some sort of weird "thing" going on. don't want to bore you with the details. but i'm just not feeling myself lately. and i do hope that sentence reads better than how it sounds in my head. because if not... awkward.

so here's something equally awkward but more funny (to me at least). i shall set the scene...

driving in the car. with DM and EX. if you know who DM is, then yay, two points for you. if you know what DM is, then yay, two additional points for being a nerd. we were all driving back from the pet store where i was cooing and squeeing to cute fuzzies. which prompted our talk of cute fuzzies... and their giant balls. which of course degraded into talk of balls.

EX: when i think of my genitalia i think of my balls.

DM: i would have to say my balls aren't the first thing i think of.

me: i don't have balls. but i don't think of a specific part when i think of "it".

after a few moments of awkward silence... i presume it was awkward silence because now we were all thinking of either each others balls or va-jay-jays.

me: i would like to be a boy for a day.

DM: we could switch bodies. but then you'd have to cheat on your husband.

me: why? don't you wanna have sex with my husband.

DM: i wouldn't mind but he's in england! duh!

me: oh right. well, you'd have to be okay with putting your thingy in another boy because i so would wanna try that.

DM: i think if i only had a day i'd pretty much have to have sex with anything that moved.


DM: i think we'd both be really sore the next day.

me: yea. yea we would.

ah... the intellectual conversations we have. and THAT was sober!

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