Wednesday, November 2, 2011

telling the truth

i want to tell you the truth. i want to look you in the eyes. to hold your head in my hands. to lose myself in the quiet storms of your eyes. to forget the past. to remember the future. to close the door on my anxiety and depression.

i want to tell you the truth. that i hate you. that i have no space in my heart for you anymore. that my anger has crystallized around me. and that i've moved on.

i want to tell you this.

but it's not the truth.

the truth is. i love you. despite reason and rationale. in spite of the anguish. and contrary to what my history states. i don't want to run.

i tell you this here. my heart laid bare. upon this electric witness of glass and wires. it's only fitting. the first inklings of love were planted here. sprung from the dark earth of my angst. it's grown. blossomed. and spread.

and now... the first harsh winds of winter have set upon my limbs. and love runs slowly through my veins. slowly and quietly.

stoically waiting for the thaw.

waiting for you.

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