Saturday, November 12, 2011

obligatory i'm still okay post...


so wedding planning is going... okay? okay.

we have accomplished quite a lot really. jolly good. oh god. i'm talking like them aren't i? that's a bit rubbish isn't it? oh man... there i go again.

i need a good healthy dose of american... stat!!!

all set? hey dude. hey ya'll.


man. i never knew infiltrating the english peoples would be such a detriment upon my american-ness.

i find myself talking like them only without the fancy schmancy posh accent. it's like a little kid imitating it's parents with it's first cuss word. it's cute the first time and then once you realize the vulgarity you feel shame for the parents and harbor feelings of calling children services.

but you know. it's okay really. because i know, i'm slowly incorporating my amercanisms into the british way of life. i now know of at least two brits who enjoy pb&j sammichs. whoooeeee. we shall prevail.

oh yea. go america.

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