Saturday, November 12, 2011


random. kid on the bus. i say kid. i mean teenager. he was staring intently at all the ladies. all the single ladies... all the single ladies... so he was totally digging on the chicks at the bus stop. and then on the bus. now. i don't know about you. but when i'm on the bus i tend to stare out a window. or let my eyes pass over the other passengers as i watch the scenery pass by. i also like to look out for my upcoming stop.

so this kid. he's sitting in the front. kitty corner to where i am. he's not looking out the window. he's positioned himself at an angle. so he can continue to peruse the talent on the bus.

i watch him as he stares blatantly at all the people with the double x chromosome. clearly he's hoping to get a glimpse of some double something if you know what i'm saying.

so on one of my passes out the window and over the heads of the other riders. i see the kid. he's looking at me. our eyes meet for a split second. i presume my gaze is vague and foggy (what with the cold impeding my system and my general lethargy when it comes to moving vehicles).

he is intent with his look. and then.

and then?!

he winks at me.


hey kid. i'm sure that if i had enough of an early start on it. i am old enough to be your mom.


winking? at complete strangers?

sweet mother of...

i should be flattered right?

instead. i'm horrified.

is this what happens when you're married? you become either clueless when people are flirting or you are so appalled that anyone can find you attractive.


and with this cold i couldn't even formulate the correct facial expression to show my displeasure. so i just kept staring out the window... the window on my side of the bus. well away from winky mcwinkerson over there.


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