Wednesday, March 2, 2011

things i don't get...

  • hippies. i know technically i am one. but i still don't understand the perpetual look of stonedness, the dreadlocks, the joblessness, the flipflops as an all occasion footwear choice, and the high stench of ideals.
  • why people in the bay area wear flipflops in winter AND bundle up in fleeces and scarves. surely the way to stay warm in this situation is to wear actual shoes! *note: see above
  • babies as fashion accessories. i saw a man wearing his child like it was part of his outfit. his blazer and trouser combo was really set off by the bouncing bundle of poo and germs.
  • big dudes with tiny... dogs.
  • vegans. i just... i just i can't even start talking about this one for fear my head will asplode.
  • three dollar one year warranties.
  • coupons for ten bucks off if you spend over forty.
  • refrigerated bread. it goes stale faster people!
  • how ryan seacrest, rachel ray, emeril lagasse, mario batali, jeremy kyle, and paris hilton haven't all had their faces punched in yet.
  • why i have to be in this country when my husband is in another.

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