Friday, March 11, 2011

stresses and dresses

i suppose i can't hide from it any longer. not that i was hiding per say. it was more of an ignoring it so i wouldn't stress out. plus i didn't want to jinx anything or cause any hassle.

but it was building up. getting bigger. soon it would explode in a tangle of ribbon and taffeta. of silk covered buttons and lacy veils.

i couldn't hide it anymore. and now it's only a sickeningly short bit away. before it was... "oh, next year..." now it's... "oh. oh god. this year. *gasp* in three months..." followed of course by the thud of my passing out onto the hard laminate flooring of the apartment i now share with English and the pod-cat.

i guess some of you out there are scratching your heads saying "the hell?" or you're scratching your butts saying "gee, i sure dew lahk dem racooon fritters ma used to make..." but that's neither here nor there.

i suppose i should explain.

but explaining isn't nearly as much fun as rambling on and on. plus, if i explain i have to come full face to what's going on.







seating arrangements.

menus and decorations.


oh for the love of god...
i'm getting married?!!


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