Saturday, March 12, 2011

so long...

farewell. auf wiedersehen. goodbye.

i feel like i've said this before. oh wait. i probably have.

it's odd to be saying goodbye to this place i love so much... again.

when i left the first time i never thought i'd be here on my own again. i always figured when i came back it'd be for good. i also thought i'd have my hunny with me. but i guess i should know better than to expect life to turn out how i want it.

so i'm getting myself ready to go. i have a last hurrah today. brunch with the girls. it's finally setting in. that i fly today. that i'll be home. that i'll have to get a job again. i'll have to remember what it's like to be married. i'll have to remember how to live with someone. share the same room. the same space.

i'm only now feeling nervous. but bless him, he's been feeling nervous for a couple of weeks. to be fair though. my nervous is more of an excited and happy nervous. where as i think his has been more of a proper omg nervous.

wow. i'm going home.

how strange.

goodbye boston. goodbye brighton. goodbye cambridge.

hello sleepy town in england.

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