Monday, October 11, 2010

not mastercard*...

firstly i want to say "the hell? why did i chose one of the more blurry pictures from last night?" oh right. because i was drunk. and it apparently blurry is how my world looks after a few free cosmos.

in any case, these are surprisingly clear pictures of last night. things to note:
i am wearing makeup.
the smooth clarity of my drunk picture.
the fact that i'm damn hawt. i am. shut it.
that my friend goosed me, spilled cosmo on my tah-tahs, and i don't have a stained shirt.
oh and that i got compliments on my entire outfit... which you can't see, because i took the lovely purple jacket off. meh.

one more fun thing to note...

watch out england. i just got approved*.

you'll be seeing a lot more of this dirty stop-out in the near future.

* if you are wondering why it's not mastercard... it's because it's a visa baby!

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