Monday, February 6, 2012


today is the day i was meant to be born. the doctors predicted today as the delivery day. little did they know that at that moment and for the rest of my life. i was hitting the snooze button.

today is also not just the day i was meant to be born. but it is also the day i was meant to be a birthday present. a present for someone who was also born on this day. my grandfather. george.

today is my grampa george's birthday.

it would have been.

grampa died half my lifetime ago.

his body ravaged by cancer. there are photos of his last "good" days. he is smiling. he has his favorite chocolate bar next to him. he has his boys next to him. i believe he also had his dentures... next to him.

he was a character. his personality was divided between his children. and his children's children. and i have no doubt, his hardheadedness will be passed on for many more generations.

so today i am going to celebrate his and my birthday. it's a milestone one for me. i'll be sure to blow out a candle for him. and to order something extra chocolately in his honor.

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