Thursday, February 2, 2012

sleep hangover

since sunday was the day that never ended and i was left in deficit of sleep. i took it upon my sensible self to go to bed early last night.

i tucked myself in at roughly 9:30pm (yay i managed to stay awake that long!).

after a couple random incidents of wakefulness. *fist shake at the cute dog for barking* *fist shake at the weird cramps of femaleness* i slept all night.


and all of the morning.

i have now been awake for about half an hour. which, when we do the math, means i slept for 14 hours.

four. teen. hours.

you'd think i feel better for it. but you'd be wrong.

i now have a sleep hangover. headachey. tired. grumpy. slowmoving.


oh well. maybe if i stay up later tonight...

oh and 5 days.

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