Sunday, January 1, 2012


i always find it funny that the first thing in a new house which requires my cleaning is always the bathroom. i spent about 2 hours scrubbing, brushing, wiping and spraying it this morning. i have sensitive hands now from all the chemicals and hot water. but the result? so totally worth it.

i think it has not been cleaned since i left. 3 years ago.

seriously. gag. toilet. ugh. ew.

why are boys so gross?

i mean. do they not see it? are they immune? do they have toilet seat blinders on?

and ew. shower. i had to scrub it before i could even set foot in it.

sigh. tomorrow it will be the kitchen.

then i think i'll tackle the back hallway and stairs. so much dust. so much doggy hair.

luckily he cleaned my room before i moved in. he even inflated the bed and gave me clean linens and an electric blanket in case i got cold. i love this dude who is like my other brother. except, he and i can talk about things that i can not even begin to imagine discussing with my brother.

it's nice to be back. weird. hairy. dusty. and gross.

but mostly nice.

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