Wednesday, January 5, 2011

tis the season...

for colds. stupid cold damp english weather.

i'm eating a red bell pepper like an apple. they have twice the vitamin c as two oranges. plus i find it oddly indulgent to eat a whole bell pepper without cutting it.

the hubby is making some vicks medicine tea stuff. and he's going to make our lunch... though it's a late lunch. hot dogs. mmmm. just the thing to battle off a cold.

now, he's not just making lunch and taking care of me because he's wonderful. well, he is. but i think it's also because he feels guilty...

guilty for being so damn hawt.

no. guilty for giving me this cold in the first place.

stupid cold damp england.

**after googling bell peppers i found that a green bell pepper has twice the vitamin c by weight than citrus fruits. and a RED bell pepper has three times what a green bell pepper has. golly.**

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