Wednesday, November 10, 2010

weddings and roses...

despite my current frame of mind. i'm working on a wedding. for a dear friend. almost a blonde counterpart to my dark haired neurosis. where as i am only now accepting my female-ness. and all things pink. she's always been a proper girly girl.

as such. her cake is a tribute to the female condition.

pink. and gold. and butterflies. and roses.

the wedding date will soon be upon us. and i've still got far too much to do.

working a 9-5. and working on pulling myself out of a spiral of depression. a wedding cake is not really the first thing i would think to do at this time. but i can't let her down.

and what is it they say about idle hands?

they cramp up after piping 5 dozen icing roses?

yes. yes they do.

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