Saturday, November 6, 2010

travelling back in time...

so i'm back at the museum/antique store that is my mom's current living situ. staying here is like going back in time. it's as if once i walk through the doors i've somehow entered into a house shaped delorean. all i need is for doc to help me figure out why they hell i'm here.

it's a strange sensation. being an adult. but at the same time being a child.

this morning. as i tried to catch up on sleep. i could hear the motherly shuffling of wakefulness just outside my door. i could all but see her twinkling eyes and diminutive frame. quietly at first she whispers... are you awake? are you awake yet? then as if out of a james brown song she gets a little bit louder now... you're not awake yet? a 'lil louder na-ah... are you awake?

finally as i pull the covers over my head and quietly say a prayer to the gods of sleep and patience she wanders into the other room.

later after i've rolled out of bed and poured a cup of coffee into my system they are readying themselves for a quick jaunt out to the market. i'm surfing the web and catching up on life outside of this time capsule. my mom, full of worry and fretfulness, says to me... don't answer the door for anyone unless it's your cousin or your uncle. there are a lot of counterfeit police...

oh dear. i should also state that in this little corner of the world. it's pretty safe. maybe not as much as 10 years ago. but it's safer than some places i've lived in. suburbia is pretty clean and plastic coated if you catch my drift.

but most importantly. i've lived on my own for 3 years. i'm 30 years old. i do stay out after the sun sets for crying out loud.

i suppose all rationality goes out the window once you pop a couple of sprouts out of your lady bits.

but really.



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