Tuesday, October 9, 2012

winter in bloom...

staring out over the blank canvas of the world. a city slumbers beneath a downy blanket. knitted and purled by frosty needles. watching district and borough disappear under an expanse of white. the sheet pulled taut.

quiet chimes. the subtle ringing of millions of miniature glaciers. colliding. settling delicately upon urban tundra.

grey infused with the remnants of sun. tinged pink with the reflected and refracted light of humanity. the warmth of life bouncing and diffusing back. outwards. inwards. breathing.

perhaps a celestial baker. gently garnishing our night with sugar. sweetness to cover the sour. the light powdering melts and glistens. shining. sparkling.

or else the secret life of trees. comes to light in the dark stillness of winter. forcing white buds out from cold black limbs. pushing upwards. unfurling like a chrysalis. until the bleak street is glimmering and whispering. heavy with the weight. dipping towards outstretched hands.

crystalline blossoms.



a bouquet fit for the white witch.

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