Monday, September 3, 2012

i SO thought i posted this...

*** this originally happened in mid'06. somehow i didn't post. mayhaps because i was so trembly with anger***

this is an email i sent to English about my dealings tonight with sonystyle and with fedex...

this is what i just sent in response to the customer service survey they sent me.

"I need to have the shipping address changed and due to your policies and contract/partnership with fedex I can not have my order shipped to my office unless my office was in the same zip code. After 4 calls (2 to SonyStyle and 2 to Fedex) I am still without a viable solution. I understand the working relationship SonyStyle may have with FedEx but the fact that neither company is willing or able to help me leaves me very unsatisfied.

I now have to take an unscheduled half day at work in order to receive my shipment. I find this to be most unacceptable however, given that I purchased merchandise from SonyStyle and FedEx will not reroute the package without your consent, this appears to be my only option.

The customer service reps were helpful and seemed understanding but were completely unable to help me. Perhaps you should consider changing your shipping policy, or going with only one shipping company (such as UPS) who will allow customers to call and have packages rerouted without the hassle."

and i was nice on the phone... and i'm sure they could hear my frustration (which is less me being
angry and more me on the verge of crying)... but they still didn't offer any solutions. i am so frustrated. i know i'm not explaining it nearly enough...

so sony shipping policy is that it is a direct signature so someone has to sign with the shipco (in this case fedex). fedex will try 3 times to deliver... if unsigned they will hold it for 3 days at their "station" (i assume dispatch location) at the end of 3 days if it's not signed and picked up they send it BACK to sony who then simply credit my card the amount i purchased the item for.
they don't at any point in time allow the customer to have it rerouted. if i were to reroute the package i call sony, if the new address is not in the same damn zip code they won't reroute it. so what's the fucking point of even having a damn thing rerouted if it has to be the same zip code? i have no where else to have it sent in this fucking zip code.

to me fedex should be able to contact the driver who handles this zipcode and have him bring the package back to the station (which i'm sure he has to fucking do anyway at some point to pick up more packages) and simply hand the package off to the driver who handles the zipcode in boston. but no. it's like, oh once it's in the drivers hands it has fucking aids and can't be touched by anybody else.

so... now. i have to take a half fucking day. or else the laptop goes bye bye back to fucking california. we are so never using sonystyle again. hate them... hate their shipping policy. and it's not all fedexs fault. the guy couldn't even get into the account because of the deal they have with sony. so even if he wanted to the guy couldn't help. he even told me to try and have a nice day since he could hear me starting to cry.

so needless to say... i've had better nights. i hate sonystyle. and i only sorta hate fedex. stupid stupid companies.

if i had mind powers this wouldn't be happening.

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