Saturday, August 11, 2012

for really?

so after many beers and many laughs... i'm home...

really? at 8pm?



the author and i had a very good "singles" valentines dinner. with much much beer... lotsa food... and an equal measure (if not more) of laughter.

so i'm pretty well tipsy. not toasted. or slaughtered. or hammered... or gazebo'd.

but tipsy.

and i just walked the 15 minutes home. which i could have taken a bus for. but given the fact i walked and didn't see a bus the entire time. i think it was good to walk.

so i think maybe i just worked off the fried calamari dinner... and the 3 pints of blue moon.

cup of tea in hand now. and i'm going to watch some tv before crashing into my aerobed for a good nights sleep.

happy valentines to you all.

and i can't believe i'm home already!

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