Thursday, August 9, 2012

birthdays and singles night...

the past few weeks have been riddled with birthdays. close friends have celebrated landmark days within weeks if not days of myself and each other.

it was the author. the dm. me. the bestfriend. then my brother yesterday. tall karen and the chop share today in fact.

so as usual we do the whole count back 9-10 months. and you get to spring. twitterpated? the world in bloom so everyone gets a bit romantic?

i suppose 9-10 months back it's shortly after v-day. everyone is a bit more relaxed and loved up from cheap bouquets and heart shaped boxes full of sugar and cocoa butter.

which brings me (oddly) to the second point tonight.

singles night.

well... kinda. technically i'm not single. but i can at least celebrate v-day with single ladies.

or at the very least with the author. and as she has so adorably demanded...

flagons of mead.

if you don't hear from me for a couple days. it's because i'm working off a hangover. which i think is fair enough given v-day and my lack of an actual valentine.

mebbe i'll get the author a rose and a crappy little heart shaped box of russell stover's finest.

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