Monday, August 8, 2011


just for you jax...

my 3 year plan, by wendykat.

ahem, my 3 year plan is very lovely.
it is pink and frilly and smells like cupcakes.
sprinkles on top and a cherry too.
oh yes, my 3 year plan is lovely.

get a job out here in brit land.
maybe buy a house.
sell the house and move to cali land.
open up a shop.
yes, my 3 year plan is basic.

for now i bake some cakes.
weddings and celebrations.
i create cards for giving.
eventually we'll sell 'em.
a business plan is in the making.
with my mba husband at the helm.
i'm the creative engine but numbers hurt my head.

in the moment we're in some debt.
climbing out is priority one.
but in the meantime,
our 3 year plan is on.

*bows and exits stage left*

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