Saturday, April 9, 2011

wait what?

so emailing to the moo in regard to the ole "long time no see" and how to rectify such things. teehee... rectify is a funny word.

this sentence made me giggle in which we were discussing which state would be better to visit. ohio. or minnesota... "i think minnesota would be tooooons more fun."


now... is it just me or does that sound like an oxymoron. or like some sort of creepy i've-been-brainwashed speak?

i don't want to sound state-ist... state-cist... stateophobic? but really? what do they have there?

so of course. being the uber researcher that i am. i googled minnesota. one, to find out where it is. and two to find out where it is. i mean... to find out what fabutastic stuff there is to do there.

the first thing that the official site says besides the great outdoors is the mall of america. the effing mall of effing america. lets not talk about any places of great historic value or of natural beauty... instead lets sell our big ass nod to consumerism. wow.

but this... this seems to sum it up best. i mean... pickle dog dreams?! what?! what?!! i think this may explain why moo is such a fantastic weirdo.

oh and there also seems to be an inordinate amount of snow/winter activites. hello minnesota. there are like three other seasons to be had. sheesh.

and now i sit back and wait for the peeptastic rants to come flowing in from the tumbledryer.

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