Friday, June 3, 2011


more time. give it time.

but time stands still for those who wait.

we wait in a space void of time.

no ticking. no tocking.

no telling the days from hours from seconds from lifetimes lost.

time is pain. time is patient. time mends. time heals. time destroys. time renders things apart. time gives minds space to forget. time is all i have.

this time. next time. no time.

every time.

i hear a train. and i gasp. in seconds it has lifted my tender hope and scurried down south with it. give it time. the train will return. and my hope will lift again. bruised and quiet. to wait.

to leave more time.

i listen as a car pulls in to the drive. my heart leaps. perhaps this time. but no.

give it time.

a door slams in the hall. my eyes flutter open from slumber. my arms ache. my body sighs. in response to phantom caresses. and the time it takes for long legs to carry from one end of the hall to another. my mind wakes. and i am alone.

maybe next time.

so i wait.

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